Fiona Krakenbürger

Hi. I'm Fiona and I'm from Berlin and still based here. I am interested in projects, knowledge, activism and work at the intersection of society and technology, with a focus on diversity and women in tech. I work at the Open Knowledge Foundation as a community organizer and program manager. I'm currently a Masters student of technology studies at the Technical University Berlin. I'm part of the women's hackspace Heart of Code and I play a pink violin in a toy instruments orchestra.
I also like chili, bikes and dogs and my name literally translates to octopus citizen.

This website serves as an extended list of the work and projects I'm doing, and I might add some design in the future. I also use this space to make my research as accessible and available as possible.

I strongly believe that an increased diversity in technology will entail a shift in power structures that so far have mainly served few peoples' interests. If we can include a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences in the processes that determine how technology is being developed and for whom, we will subsequently build better tools for everyone.

Right now, I'm working on my Master's Thesis, in which I'll continue my research on technology and gender. This time with a focus on the "Social Shaping of Technology". I will publish my reading notes, thoughts and the thesis in this repository.



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