Fiona Krakenbürger

I also exist in German and in color:

Hi. My name literally translates to octopus citizen and surprisingly it's not a fake. I was born in Berlin in 1990 and I still live here. I love dogs, tofu and bikes, preferrably in that order.
Since several years, my work has been driven by the question of how to spread knowledge about technology among a great amount of people that don't have a technical background. I have a genuine interest in how that kind of knowledge can transform and affect practices, cultures and our everyday life. I do believe that a basic knowledge about information technology is fundamental for understanding, evaluating and participating in events and politics, that are linked to both, technology and people. I am trying my best with different formats to get this process of knowledge transfer going. I tend to talk about this a lot. Sorry. Please get in touch with me, if you want to exchange about these topics.



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