Writing my Master Thesis

and writing about it.



For the upcoming months, I will be working on my master thesis at the Institute of Sociology at the Technical University in Berlin. Prof. Dr. Schulz-Schaeffer is my supervisor. At the moment (October 21st, 2017) I am still assembling a reading list, so I'm in a failry early stage. The sites will fill up gradually.

In my thesis, I want to continue my research on gender and technology with a focus on technology that has been developed in the past years, as a result of diversity efforts and initiatives. My theoretical angle will be the "Social Shaping of Technology" by Judy Wajcman et. al. to take a deeper dive into the question how (diverse) backgrounds are having an impact on the development of technology. Possibly with a glimpse into innovation research.

If you would like to chat about this topic, I'd be delighted to do so. Please contact me.

This site is hosted and edited on github, so feel free to commit and comment. I will not include articles on methods and theoretic approaches that are mainly tools in order to categorize and analyze the findings. They'd probably bore you anyways.